GTA V Commandline Tool 2.2

You have some Errors with GTA V or want to Force Specific Settings and don´t know how many Commandlines exist?

Here is a solution for your Problem! With this Tool you can Set some Settings and save it in your GTA Main folder.

There is a description that explains all the individual functions.


  • Version 2.2

    - [Added] "Simplified Chinese" to Language (Thanks to ImNotMentaL for his note ;))
    - [Added] Automatic path detection
    - [Added] "current path" to Settings
    - [Added] Text area to Settings to show current path
    - [Added] Possibility to change the path
    - [Fix] Version number display (its now X.X instead of X.X.X.X)
    - [Fix] Double SSAO option
    - [Unlocked] Benchmark Settings
    - [Improved] Path detection
    - [Improved] commandline.txt loading on start
    - [Removed] Support Website
    - [Removed] "Please select your GTA 5 Folder" dialog because of automatic detection
    - [Removed] "Load commandline.txt on Start" option (It's now always on)