GTA V Language Tool 3.3

You dont like the Language of your installed GTA 5 and Dont want to install the Game again only to change the Language?

I give you the Chance to change the Language without reinstall your game. Hope you like it :D

The confimation of the Change are visible when you Press "Set Language". The Current Language Text Changes.

  • Version 3.3

    Thanks to @xiaomantou for bug reporting.

    - [Added] "Simplified Chinese" to social club/retail version- [Added] "Traditional Chinese" to social club/retail version
    - [Fix] Flag disappearing when "Simplified Chinese" is selected
    - [Removed] The messagebox on first start

  • Version 3.2


    - [FIXED] Path detection that triggers the error code 3
    - [REMOVED] Error Code 3

  • Version 3.1

    - [FIXED] Error code 1 and 2 in steam version

    - [FIXED] Steam version not starting
    - [REMOVED] x32 version
    - [REMOVED] Some help links