Terms of use (Last update: Apr 19th 2018, 1:43am)

  1. ChaosPlayer Forum Rules

    1. § 1 ~ GENERAL RULES

      Agressive or hater posts should not be published (no matter if User / Moderator / Administrator etc.) and personal arguments shoul not
      be held in public parts of the forum.
      You must not offend anybody because of his sex, his race, his language, his homeland and origin, his faith, his religious or political views.
      Each user has only one account! Any further account will be deleted immediately!
    2. § 2 ~ SPAM

      Sensless THX Posts are deleted by the moderators / admins without comment.
      For each area serious, meaningful and if possible, discusion-stimulating contributions should be posted.
    3. § 3 ~ POSTS

      You should absolutely avoid posting the same postings in different forums. If you are not sure about which forum you should make your postings, please contact a moderator or admin.
      The posting of private contents / information of other users is forbidden! Whether it is the correct IP, name, photos of another user, without his consent is strictly forbidden!
      Doubleposts are forbidden! - [please use the edit button]
    4. § 4 ~ HELP-AREA

      If you have any questions, searching for something or need help, you can post it under the forum "Help" and under the corresponding area. We will try our best to help you. You can also help each other.
      Try to express yourself as detailed as you can.
    5. § 5 ~ CHAT (SHOUTBOX)

      You must be polite, respectful and kind to each other. However, the chat is not meant to write something, which can be contributed to the forum, or to give notice that you posted a topic. It is thought for konversations.
      You should not spam in chat.
    6. § 6 ~ THREAD

      The threads you create must also be fit in the forum they are meant for. The thread title must provide information about the content of the thread. It can happen that the thread is otherwise deleted without comment or closed!
      Please stay with the theme of the thread and does not deviate too much. If there is an urgent need for dissipation, it is easy to create a thread in the dissertation forum.
      You should not give any private data from you in threads, PNs, or chats. You can never rule out that the data gets into the wrong hands.

      The signature should NOT be an advertising space (Moderators, Special Members and Admin's excluded).
      Signatures may not be used for e.g. Insults, racism, pornography ect.
      1. §7.1 ~ RACISM & RELIGION

        Racism is NOT tolerated with us! Neither in the forum nor in the TS it is tolorated!
        Every user has the right to be religious. Just because a user is more religious than others or a different religion, one must not offend him because of his faith!
    8. § 8 ~ SPECIAL RULES

      There are also special rules in individual areas! The rules are mostly at the top in the area with [Pinned] attached and are in any case to read and every user has to stick to it.
      All rules which have been mentioned here are to be complied with, and in case of multiple infringements there may be a ban!

      Nicknames should be chosen carefully and can only be changed after registration. Nicknames that violate these rules will be changed or deleted.
      You can send a request with reason and desired name for changing your name to an Admin.
      The PN title must be "Name change" (without ").

      The resident Admin will then contact you if your name change has been approved or not.
      The admins are not required to change your names.

        No brand names
        No nicknames, which can lead to confusion with another member of the forum
        No offensive nicknames
    10. § 10 ~ LINKS

      Links are prohibited:
      - which lead to illegal content,
      - to which a referer are attached
      - fraudulent links of all kinds
      - are against the law
      - which only serve to generate profit through the click
      - or otherwise unacceptable.
    11. § 11 ~ DELETING ACCOUNTS

      Deletion of the account is only carried out if:

      A member has repeatedly violated the forum rules or a member wants to be deleted.
      This is only deleted if a PN with the request for deletion of the account is received by the administrator of the forum.
      Emails of this kind are not taken into account.
    12. § 12 ~ BANING OF MEMBERS

      Members can be baned from the forum if you have violated the forum rules despite repeated warnings. The ban can be temporary or permanent. If a member has been baned, the following rules apply.
      Banning a member may be temporary or permanent. The temporary ban is to be understood as a warning.
      Banished users are no longer allowed to log on to a new account!
    13. § 13 ~ CONTENT OF POSTS

      ChaosPlayer reserves the right to delete, postpone, or edit any time that does not comply with the rules of the forum. This is done without prior knowledge of the author.
      The users are solely responsible for the content (texts, pictures or other publications) published by them, and also confirms that they do not publish copyright-protected works and texts here in the forum.

        - extremely political or religiously oriented postings
        - criminal, pornographic, juvenile, insulting or offensive content
        - Warez or other copyrighted works
        - Email address
        - Songtexts
        - Personal data such as telephone numbers, addresses, etc. (please exchange these via PN)
        - or otherwise unacceptable postings that have not been recorded here but which violate valid law, good morals, general morality, or even the rules of the forum.
    14. § 14 ~ COPYRIGHTS

      The copyright of a contribution remains with the respective authors of a posting. By posting a contribution, the author transfers the non-revocable right of use to his contribution to the forum.
      Postings from moderators are transferred to the forum property and can be used as desired. This is especially true after the departure of a moderator.
      It is not permitted to post texts from other websites that exceed the character of a citation.
      Reports and especially the news of any news sites are not allowed.
    15. § 15 ~ INFRINGEMENT

      Warnings and violated rules are notified by PN or Email
      1. § 15.1 ~ VALIDITY OF WARNINGS

        In the event of a rule violation, the following occurs:

        - Reason
        - Punishment
        - Expires
        - TS penalty?
        - (If yes) TS penalty

        Violation of signature rules
        Signature blocking + 1 point
        30 day(s)
        (TS) 2 Warnings. | 3. Warning = 1 week Ban! | 4. Warning = Insta Ban!

        Topic in the wrong area
        1 point
        30 day(s)

        Primitive Hack Request in Forum / TS
        2 points
        1 month
        (TS) No warning = Insta Ban!

        Off Topic / Spam
        2 points
        2 month(s)
        (TS) 2 Warnings. | 3. Warning = 2 days Ban! | 4. Warning = 1 week Ban! | 5. Warning = Insta Ban!

        Nonsensical thread name
        2 points
        1 month

        2 points
        3 month(s)

        Advertising of any kind
        3 points
        2 month(s)
        (TS) 1 Warnings. | 2. Warning = Insta Ban!

        Download link that is linked to this forum
        3 points
        3 month(s)
        (TS) 2. Warning = 2 days Ban! | 3. Warning = Insta Ban!

        Inappropriate expression (TS & Forum)
        3 points
        2 month(s)
        (TS) 2nd warning = 1 week Ban! | 3. Warning = Insta Ban!

        Insult to other users (TS & Forum)
        4 points
        3 month(s)
        (TS) 2nd warning = 1 week Ban! | 3. Warning = Insta Ban!

        Links to advertisments
        5 points
        3 month(s)

        Violation of the marketplace rules
        4 points
        3 month(s)

        Disrespect to the staff
        7 points
        6 month(s)
        (TS) 1. Warning = 1 week Ban! | 2. Warning = Insta Ban!

        Racist conspicuity (TS & Forum)
        9 points
        (TS) 2. Warning = Insta Ban!

        Posting / linking of viruses, Trojans etc.
        10 points
        (TS) 1. Warning = Insta Ban!

        Faking a virus scan
        10 points
        (TS) 1. Warning = Insta Ban!

        multiple personality
        10 points
        (TS) 2. Warning = Insta Ban!

    16. § 16 ~ FURTHER RULES

      The registration and signing in on this forum is completely free.
      If you have paid the money for the registration, you will immediately claim your money back!
      ChaosPlayer is not liable in such cases and does not interfere!
      The admin's and moderators in this forum, try to keep the forum clean of "rulebreaker". But the admin's and moderators do not always succeed.
      Therefore, we ask you for your co-operation. If you believe that a contribution violates our rules, use the "Report Content" button below the post.

      With the confirmation of the forum rules, you also confirm the following:
      Tracking the tutorials or downloading and using the files offered on this forum on your own RISK.
      Neither the author nor the forum as a platform nor the domain is responsible for any DAMAGES.
      We take no liability for any data loss on your PC.
      The data is checked for viruses and functionality and then released!
      If necessary the forum rules are changed. As soon as this is the case, you will be informed of any changes to the subforum News or by e-mail.


      If these rules are not accepted on the server, the admins and mods are free to warn, kick and even ban them!
      These rules can be changed at any time and not every rule change will be notified!
    2. §1 ~ NAMING & Identities (User ID)

      The same rules apply, which are also valid for the forum!

      We only ask each user to log in with the same nickname as in the forum.
      This is for clarity.
      Faking identitys is forbidden.
      Invalid nicknames are permanently banned from the server!

      Identities (User ID):
      No one can "depend" on a second identity.
      If someone connect with a second identity, the ChaosPlayer team is entitled to ban both identities of the user!
    3. §2 ~ GENERAL BOTS

      Musicbots are allowed in closed channels with PASSWORD. In channels which can be joined by anybody they are forbidden and are kicked.
      In addition, you have the duty if you run such a Bot, please adjust it accordingly as far as the volume is concerned.
      If you do not do it there is a ban for players and bot! Musicbots have to be clearly noticeable.

      Bots are to be registered with the staff (administrator / moderator)!

      In TS you can request and listen to any kind of music. If one or more users do not agree, this user can use the Bot Lokal Muten!
    4. §3 ~ Bots Hosted by ChaosPlayer

      Our (music) bots are provided to our VIP users.
      However, these are to be kept in their own (private) channel.

      Availability for Non VIPs (No VIPs) can be discussed with the staff.
      For all Non VIP users there are the radio bots that you can hear outside the music channel.

      Is prohibited. That means, users who switch from channel to channel and continue after a warning, flies out of the server!
    6. §5 ~ DISPUTES

      Private misunderstandings and disputes should also be treated privately if possible!

      The ChaosPlayer.de team has full rights to the server. Anyone who does not follow the instructions of the team will be warned and kicked if it is an emergency. If this is accumulated, a ban should be expected.

      Each member of the ChaosPlayer.de team can switch to a protected channel without being registered, or move individual users to control a conversation.
    8. §7 ~ HACKER ATTACKS

      Any attack against this server is punishable. The IP addresses are logged and, in the event of an attempted attack, of any kind, brought to the criminal law. This affects the flooding with various programs and DOS attacks.
    9. §8 ~ MAKE CALLS

      The recording of conversations on the whole server is only allowed in consultation with the present users of the channel. If a user is against it, the recording in this channel is forbidden. We protect your privacy.
      If a user in a channel begin to record the channel without the consent of all users, then follows an immediate ban!
    10. §9 ~ ADVERTISING

      Any kind of active advertising for own purposes is forbidden, if this was not previously agreed with an admin.
      By advertising we mean audio advertising, voice advertising, links and text messages to the channel or individual users, as well as files with advertising content, which are uploaded in the channels.
    11. §10 ~ KICKS AND BANS

      Nobody is banned or kicked without a reason! All members of the ChaosPlayer.de team have the right to kick and ban people when you see a necessity.

      This can be done without any warning or justification!

        Team members must not be mutually exclusive!
        In the case of conflicts, we ask to clarify this with other (uninvolved) team members.
    12. §11 ~ DATA PROTECTION

      Private data such as telephone numbers, addresses, passwords, etc. may not be exchanged publicly. A server admin or a channel admin set by the team will never be sent after a password or similar. ask.
    13. §12 ~ FILE UPLOAD

      It is not permitted to make pornographic and / or copyright-protected material (films, music, etc.) available to all others in one channel.
    14. §13 ~ CHANNELS

      Regardless of these rules, there are special rules that must be observed in some channels.
      These are found in the channel description.
    15. §14 ~ ENTRANCE AREA

      Nobody is allowed to enter the server and "chill" in the entrance area. If there is someone "chilling", there is a warning.
      The 2nd warning is a 24 hour ban!
      The 3rd warning is a permanent ban!
    16. §15 ~ VPN, Proxy, IP Changer....

      Are definitely not allowed and can lead to a ban!

    1. § 1 ~ AGE

      Each clan must specify the minimum age in his rules!
      If you are, for example, playing Counter Strike, the minimum age is 18 years!
    2. § 2 ~ COMMUNICATION

      Teamspeak 3 with headset / microphone is mandatory. On the TS server, we would like nice touch.
      People who think extremely often, extremely loud are asked to switch Teamspeak to key activation.
    3. § 3 ~ BEHAVIOR

      The behavior in the clan should be appropriate to our age, that is, no insults, no abuse of other players!
      No team kills, even if you do not reach your desired vehicle. This is not just for our server. Just be diplomatic.
    4. § 4 ~ TEAMWORK

      We do not need people who are only playing for themselves and who are not or are not very capable of teamwork.
      So search for squads and talk to your squad members. This does not mean how good or bad you play or hit!

      Who cheats, intentional abuses Bugs, is immediately thrown out of the clan, since we make no exceptions. We stand for fair play!
    6. § 6 ~ CLANTAG

      Each member must wear the Clantag of the clan before their name. In the game e.g. CLAN | Game name or CLAN game name.
      In our forum the clantag is automatically joined by a clan, after the name.

      A sample member is at an indefinite time in a sample phase, and the recruit's activities are observed in the sample phase. e.g. Online times, team spirit and gameplay in general.
      If clan members are allowed to take clanwars, the respective clan decides.

      Membership in the clan is absolutely free! In order to operate the homepage and forum, however, we gladly accept donations from our members. If someone decides to donate, then this happens freely!
      If you are unclear about the donation system, you can ask an admin! Donated money can not be refunded! As a donor you get special rights in the forum and the TS. What is right, can be discussed at any time with the Admin "CaLL-of-GaMeR-46".